On occasion, the Bluetooth connection to the iPad isn't strong enough for the dashboard to recognize that a connection has been made between the printer and the iPad. When this occurs, you'll notice that when you add the printer to the dashboard according to these instructions, the printer won't appear and you'll see a continuous spinning circle. When that happens, follow the below instructions to ensure a steady connection between the dashboard, printer, and iPad.

Note: This method will also work if the printer has lost connection to the dashboard.

Alternate Bluetooth connection method for the Brother QL-820NWB printer

Tip: You will want to follow these steps for each individual iPad and Printer pairing

  1. Remove your iPad(s) and printer(s) from the dashboard

  2. Close the Visitors app on the iPad (double tap on the home button and swipe away the Envoy Visitors Kiosk app)

  3. In the settings of the iPad, click Bluetooth, and forget the connection between that iPad and the Brother printer

  4. Turn the printer off and back on

  5. Reconnect the iPad and printer under Bluetooth settings on the iPad

    1. On your iPad, open the Settings app. Go to Settings > Bluetooth. Under Devices, look for Brother QL-820NWBxxxx, like “Brother QL-820NWB1234.”

  6. Relaunch the Visitors app, click "I already have an Envoy account" to get the pairing code, and enter that code into the dashboard under Devices > iPads > New iPad

  7. Allow the iPad to pair to the dashboard. Once you see a "Success" message, click on Devices > Printers, and the printer should automatically appear on that page and show as Operational

  8. (Optional) Repeat this process for additional iPads and printers

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