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Editing and deleting visitor entries
Editing and deleting visitor entries

Once a visitor has signed in, their entry can be edited or deleted as needed.

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Editing visitor entries

You can edit the details of any visitor entry. This may come in handy if a visitor makes a typo while signing in on the iPad, or they did not sign out at the actual time they left the building.

How to edit visitor entries

  1. Double click on the entry that requires edits. This will open the entry details.

  2. To edit sign-in fields (like name, email, etc), simply click on the text or dropdown fields and edit directly.

  3. To edit a sign-in or sign-out date, click the field and use the dropdown calendar.

  4. To edit a sign-in or sign-out time, click the field and type the desired time.

Deleting visitor entries

Available for Global and Location Admins

You can delete visitor entries, but please note this is a permanent action that cannot be undone. Front Desk Admins can edit but not delete visitor data.

You can delete entries in three different ways.

  1. Click the check box on the entry or entries you’d like to delete. Click “Delete” at the top right of the screen.

  2. Click the ellipses (...) on the entry and click "Delete entry".

  3. Click on the visitor's name to open the entry and click "Delete".

Deleting all visitor data

If you need to do a purge of visitor data for a full location or specific date range, please contact us for assistance.

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