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About visitor data

A key part of any visitor management system is the ability to keep your visitor data organized and easily accessible.

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A key part of any visitor management system is the ability to keep your visitor data organized and easily accessible. With Envoy Visitors, all visitor data is captured digitally so you can look big picture at all of your visitor data or you can dig deep into a specific visitor’s information.

This article outlines the ways you can access your visitor data. To learn more about data security, read our Data security best practices article.

How visitor data works

Each time a visitor signs in on the iPad (or if you sign them in from the dashboard), Envoy creates an entry for that visitor. You can think of an entry as the data for an individual sign-in. An entry will contain responses they enter in your sign-in fields, their photo, signed NDA, and more.

These entries appear on your dashboard, but you can also export them.

Benefits of using Envoy to capture visitor data

  • Visitor data is always legible since it’s not hand-written.

  • Perfect for audits and compliance: You can export robust visitor logs with a few clicks.

Data storage

Your data is yours. All of your visitor data is stored indefinitely while you’re an Envoy customer. We only delete or purge data upon explicit request.

If you choose to end your subscription, Envoy will maintain your data for 30 days after cancellation and will thereafter delete or destroy your data. For more information on this part of our policy, see our Terms of Service.

Visitor log

Day-to-day, you’ll likely access visitor data from your dashboard. Entries appear on Visitors > Visitor log in real-time as visitors sign-in, and it can be viewed on any computer or mobile device.

  • Provides a real-time picture of who’s in the building.

  • It’s easy to keep everyone in the loop about who’s on-site.

Data exports

Whether you need to compile complex reports for compliance purposes or just want to have a complete record of your visitors, you can do so with Envoy Visitors. You can export visitor data for a specific day, date range, or your full visitor history.

  • One-click exports provide huge time savings versus paper sign-in sheets.

  • Visitor data is automatically organized and easy to sort.

Analytics dashboard

Available on Envoy Premium & Enterprise Plans

A built-in analytics dashboard displays live updates for your most important visitor stats. You can check all-time analytics to see your total number of visitors, invites, or select a specific date range to gain insights into your busiest day of the week or time of day.

  • See trends at a glance to help inform staffing and business decisions.

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