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Using Visitors for evacuation
Using Visitors for evacuation

Since Visitors helps you keep track of who’s in the building, it can be a helpful resource in the event of emergency or evacuation.

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Viewing your visitors

Viewing the full list of visitors can help you know who to account for during an evacuation. Since you’ll likely not have a computer during an evacuation, there are two alternate ways you can view your visitor list.

View visitor list on Envoy Mobile

Your employees can use the Envoy Mobile app to view their visitors, create invites and more, but as an administrator, you have access to the full visitor list. Simply download the Envoy Mobile app from the App Store or on Google Play, and log in with your work email address to get started.

View dashboard in your mobile browser

If you prefer not to use the Envoy Mobile app, you can always view the dashboard in your mobile browser. Just open the browser on your mobile phone, visit, and log in as you would on your computer.

Utilizing sign-out

Strict sign-out procedures can come in handy in case of an emergency or evacuation. When you sort your dashboard to display only signed-in visitors, it’s easy to identify which visitors you need to account for.

How to display only signed-in visitors

  1. Locate the All visitors dropdown, and click the down arrow.

  2. From the dropdown, select “Currently signed in.” 

  3. You’ll see that your dashboard now only displays the visitors that are still signed in.

Emergency Notifications

Available on Visitors Enterprise

By using Envoy's emergency notifications feature, you can mass-message any signed-in visitors via the Envoy mobile app. Visitors can mark themselves as safe, allowing for an up-to-date log of people who might need assistance.

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