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Configure the Invitation email
Configure the Invitation email

Learn about how to customize the Invitation Email.

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Benefits of configurable email templates

  • Make a fantastic first impression on everyone who enters your workplace

  • Ensure every visitor feels welcome and prepared for their arrival by providing relevant details for their visit

  • Customize the look and feel of your invitation emails without diving into code

Create new invitation email templates

  1. Click "Add template"

  2. Name your template

    1. If you intend to use one template per sign-in flow we suggest naming it with the same name as the visitor type you want to connect it to.

  3. Edit the various sections of your email

Changing the order of sections

  1. Next to movable sections, you will see the move symbol, drag and drop that where you'd like the section to be.

Hiding specific sections

  1. On sections you wish to hide, you can click the eyeball to remove it from view.

  2. If you wish to make the section visible again click the closed eye symbol.

Custom content

  • In the body section of your email, you have a space for Custom content

  • You can add anything here and format the text any way you want

    • To insert a link type your text, highlight the text, click the link icon, paste your link, and hit enter to save

    • To insert an image click the image icon, paste the image URL, and hit enter to save

Add or change variables

You can add or remove variables from the Subject, Header, and Subheader of the email as you do so the preview of the email will update so you can make sure everything looks correct!

  1. Click on Variables to the right of any section and add in whichever variable you want.

  2. To delete a variable just use the delete or backspace keys on your keyboard.

    1. Tip: Make sure the preview text looks correct, sometimes after a variable there's an extra space or between words is missing the space!

  3. Click "Save"

Assign invitation email templates to your sign-in flows

  1. Click "Manage by sign-in flow"
    • Here will be a list of all visitor types you have, hidden or visible on the iPad

  2. Go through and map the visitor types to the email templates you've created by using the drop-down to the right

  3. Click "Save"

Edit invitation email templates

  1. Go to Visitors > Settings > Email templates
    • Next to "Viewing" you will see the name of the template you're viewing

  2. Click the template name and swap to the one you're looking to edit

  3. Click "Edit email content"

  4. Change whatever you need in the Subject, Header, or Body of the email

Note: The default template cannot be edited.

Delete invitation email templates

    1. Next to "Viewing" you will see the name of the template you're viewing

  1. Click the template name and swap to the one you're looking to delete

  2. Click "Edit email content"

  3. Click the trash can icon at the top right of the page

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