Inactivity-based timeout

Automatically log out users after a set period of inactivity.

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How it works

When users have been inactive in their Envoy web dashboard after the admin-defined period of inactivity, they will be logged out automatically. This setting applies to both admins and employees and is defined at a company level.

By enabling inactivity-based logout, admins can prevent unauthorized access if someone has stepped away or isn’t using their computer.

If no action is being taken in the browser window, users will be logged out and redirected to the login page.

Once back on the login page, users will be able to restart their session by logging back in.

How to enable

  1. Navigate to Global Overview.

  2. Click on Edit and use the dropdown to choose between available time periods.

  3. Once your desired time period is selected, click Save.

  4. To turn this feature off, simply click Edit > Disable.

By default, this feature is off. For the best employee experience, admins should inform employees before enabling this feature. See our template here.

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