Automatically on and off-board visitor access to your facilities by integrating Kisi and Envoy.

How does this app work?

The Envoy + Kisi app streamlines access control for visitors. With customization options, you're in control to decide not only which visitor flows receive access but also the level of access they are granted.

Envoy will generate temporary permission shares in Kisi for your enabled visitors based on your criteria with automatic expiration, enforced by permission expiration in Kisi and customization in Envoy. Kisi access is emailed by Kisi to permitted visitor flows based on the email they provide during sign in.

Enabling Envoy + Kisi

Note: You will need administrative or group manage access in Kisi to complete this setup. Ensure you have sufficient access or work with a local administrator before proceeding with the following steps:

  1. Copy the API "Secret" from your Kisi Admin panel.

    1. If you do not see a secret key, look for a link titled "Show API Secret Key" below the Kisi admin username.

  2. Navigate to Apps > All Apps in the Envoy dashboard

  3. Search for Kisi

  4. Click Install under Kisi

  1. In the "API Key" step, paste the Kisi API Secret which you copied in step one.

  2. The "Places" step allows you to determine which Kisi places (and their related groups from Kisi) should be available in the next step.

  3. Within the "Visitor Access" step you can assign Kisi groups to individual visitor flows in Envoy. Note: Visitor flows that do not have a Kisi group mappings will not receive Kisi credentials.

  4. The "Customization" step allows you to finalize the integration and define basic behavior, this includes the following:

    1. ONLY ALLOW INVITED GUESTS: Toggling this option on will restrict Kisi permission creation to only visitors with an invite, at time of invite. When this option is toggled off both impromptu visitors and invited visitors receive Kisi access, based on their Visitor Flow in Envoy.

    2. ACCESS DURATION: This is the length of time the Kisi permission will work for. After the access duration expires the Kisi permission will be terminated.

    3. ADVANCE ACCESS: This option is intended for invited visitors who may need time prior to the scheduled meeting to navigate to the meeting room. This can extend to areas where visitors may need access to enter a larger building or parking garage.

    4. SIGN OUT: Toggling this option will allow Kisi permission to immediately expire upon visitor sign out in Envoy, regardless of the duration defined in "Access Duration". When this option is toggled off access will only automatically expire at the end of the duration defined in "Access Duration".

    5. APP ACCESS: Toggling this option on will grant "app access" to Kisi members created by Envoy.

    6. ENVOY GUEST INDICATOR: Toggling this option on will postpend " (Envoy Guest)" to visitos created by the Kisi / Envoy integration.

Envoy Protect + Kisi

If your company has Envoy Protect enabled they can edit their existing Kisi application. Click on Step 3 Envoy Protect and click the checkbox to enable the "Envoy Protect" option. After they do that they go ahead and re-save the app.

Note: If you haven't set up the app yet, follow the steps from Enabling Envoy + Kisi first.

✨ Kisi's users (employees) are not disabled by default, Envoy did not want to take on the liability to mass disable user accounts. In order to do this on your own, you will need to set Suspend Access to true in order to disable your users' access. ✨

How does it work?

  1. The employee has answered the preconfigured questions by the Envoy admins.

  2. They pass screening based on the set of rules

    1. (i.e. Have you been in contact with someone feeling ill over the past 14 days?)

  3. The employee will be approved for the next business day

  4. When they go to the office the next day, the employee will need to "check-in" in order for their credentials to reactivated to allow them to enter the building.

How Envoy Visitors entries look in Kisi

In the example below, individual visitors are listed per group in Kisi. This list can be found in Kisi under the Home > Your Place > Groups menu.

How Kisi notifications look in your e-mail

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: There used to be an unlock button through a link at the bottom of the visitor credential email. Now it's not there anymore. What can I do to get it enabled?

A: Kisi has recently changed the way that link access settings function through the API due to security reasons so they've removed the individual link sharing ability at this time. The Envoy team is working on re-introducing the functionality as soon as possible.

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