Template: Announce the use of Emergency Notifications
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Email Template

Suggested Subject: New: Emergency Notifications via Envoy


We wanted to inform you about an important update regarding our workplace safety system and Envoy.

Effective [Date], we will be able to send communications through Envoy in the event of an emergency. This change is part of our ongoing commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of all our employees.

What's Changing:

Envoy will now have the capability to send out emergency notifications via SMS, mobile push notification, or through email.

When Will This Be Used:

This feature will only be used in genuine emergency situations, such as natural disasters, security incidents, or other critical events that may affect our workplace or your safety. Only administrators have the ability to send these out.

How it Works:

Envoy uses the contact information provided to send these notifications on our behalf. Please ensure your contact information is up to date and your notification preferences are set up.

Privacy and Data Security:

Please be assured that your privacy and personal data will be handled with the utmost care and in compliance with our company's policies and relevant regulations. Envoy will never sell your data and they will not contact you without explicit permission.

Thank you for your attention to this important update. Please make sure to review your contact information within Envoy to ensure you will receive these notifications. We appreciate your cooperation in ensuring the safety and well-being of our entire [Company Name] community. Any questions, please feel free to reach out to [Name] at [contact information].



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