Using the Employee directory

Learn how to use all the different aspects of the Employee directory

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Who can view or edit the employee directory?

All Employees can view the employee directory but only admins will be able to view the admin roles or make any changes to the directory.

If you don’t want your employees to have the ability to view the directory, contact us and we can disable this feature.

Search for an employee

  1. Navigate to your Employee directory.

  2. Click Search Employees at the top right

  3. Search by First, Last, Full name, or Email

Note: Email search can come in handy if you’ve rebranded and your domain has changed. You can quickly search to see who’s email hasn’t been properly updated. It can also work well if you don’t recall the name you used for an email alias such as HR@ or IT@.

Edit an employee profile

  1. Navigate to your Employee directory.

  2. Search or Navigate to the employee profile you wish to edit

  3. Click 'Edit' on the bottom left corner of the profile

  4. Make desired changes

  5. Click Save

Manually added vs synced employees

You can view at a glance who has been Manually added vs synced to your directory. This is helpful if you're looking to update the directory but don't want some employees to be overwritten. Manual employees can only be deleted from the employee directory by clicking on their name and clicking Delete. Synced employees will be overwritten with every sync. 

  1. Navigate to your Employee directory.

  2. Click All employees on the ride hand side

  3. Choose Manually added users or Synced employees from the drop down.

  4. If you don't have too many employees you can also tell who was manual based on the M next to their name.

Learn more about manually added employees.

View employee settings at a glance

You can view the following information about employees by clicking on their name in the left hand panel:

  • Name

  • Email

    • Optional:

      • Phone number (optional)

      • Primary Location

      • Department

      • Assistant(s)

  • If they are selected to appear as a host on the Visitors Kiosk

  • Locations they are added to, and if they were synced or manually added

  • Personal notification preferences

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