Template: Introduce Envoy Deliveries to your team

Use this template to show your employees how to use Envoy Deliveries.

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Deliveries impacts more than just account administrators, it improves the office delivery process for your whole team. Your team is probably used to a receptionist or office manager calling or messaging them when their deliveries arrive, so it’s important to let them know about the change to this process. With Deliveries, they’ll be notified automatically!

We’ve found it’s best to start using Deliveries with a small group first, then rolling it out to your whole company. When you’re ready to start using Deliveries with your whole company, we’ve included a template email you can share with your team.


Hi team,

Many of you have your work and personal packages delivered to the office, so we’ve started using a new system to help manage how we keep deliveries organized. It even lets you know when your packages arrive.

A few things you need to know:

  • Anytime you have a delivery, you’ll get an automated message via [INSERT DELIVERY NOTIFICATION METHOD] from Envoy Deliveries.

  • When you get the notification, come collect your package!

  • When you do, you’ll need to mark it as picked up. You can do that by [INSERT DETAILS ABOUT YOUR PREFERRED PICK-UP METHOD].

  • You’ll get reminder notifications [INSERT REMINDER SCHEDULE: DAILY, WEEKLY, ETC] until you pick up your delivery.

Some other handy features:

  • Notifications have a photo, so it’s easier to find your delivery when you come to collect it.


Please contact me with any questions, and feel free to swing by the [INSERT DELIVERY AREA NAME] to check it out.

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