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Angus AnyWhere®

Automatically add registered guests from Envoy into Angus AnyWhere®.

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Automatically add registered guests from Envoy into Angus AnyWhere®.

How does this app work?

The Envoy + Angus AnyWhere® app automatically adds invited guests from Envoy into the Angus AnyWhere® platform to make the lobby experience as seamless as possible for your guests.

Enabling Envoy + Angus AnyWhere®

Note: You must contact Angus AnyWhere® in order to receive the "Base URL", "Client ID", and "Client Secret" required in the following steps.

  1. Under Access control, find Angus AnyWhere and click “Install”.

  2. API Access - In order to begin the app setup, enter the "Base URL", "Client ID", and "Client Secret" provided to you by Angus AnyWhere®.

    1. The Base URL should not include any path after the TLD, or protocol indicators (e.g., https://).

  3. Building - Select the appropriate building from the drop down in this step.

    1. Building information is dynamically loaded from the Angus AnyWhere® API based on the Client ID and Client Secret Angus provided.

    2. If you do not see the building relevant to your lobby please contact your Angus AnyWhere® administrator or Angus Systems technical support.

  4. Reception Floor - Select the appropriate floor for your visitors, this is typically based on where your tenant lobby or reception area is.

    1. The "Floor" field is used by Envoy to complete the visitor profile in Angus AnyWhere® and may be important information for your buildings security team.

  5. Customization - This final step presents several customization options:

    1. Notify Hosts: Toggling this option "on" will send a notification to the Check-In List when invited visitors are signed-into Angus AnyWhere® at the lobby.

    2. Check-In List: This is a comma-seperated list of e-mails which will be notified during "Notify Host" events.

How Envoy Visitors entries look in Angus AnyWhere®

In the example below, a new invited visitor is shown, as created by Envoy. This list can be found in Angus AnyWhere® under the Visitor Security > My Visits:

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