Automatically add registered guests from Envoy into Angus AnyWhere®.

How does this integration work?

The Envoy + Angus AnyWhere® integration automatically adds invited guests from Envoy into the Angus AnyWhere® platform to make the lobby experience as seamless as possible for your guests.

Enabling the Envoy + Angus AnyWhere® integration

Note: You must contact Angus AnyWhere® in order to receive the "Base URL", "Client ID", and "Client Secret" required in the following steps.

 1. API Access - In order to begin the integration, enter the "Base URL", "Client ID", and "Client Secret" provided to you by Angus AnyWhere®.

  • The Base URL should not include any path after the TLD, or protocol indicators (e.g., https://).

2. Building - Select the appropriate building from the drop down in this step.

  • Building information is dynamically loaded from the Angus AnyWhere® API based on the Client ID and Client Secret Angus provided.

  • If you do not see the building relevant to your lobby please contact your Angus AnyWhere® administrator or Angus Systems technical support.

3. Reception Floor - Select the appropriate floor for your visitors, this is typically based on where your tenant lobby or reception area is.

  • The "Floor" field is used by Envoy to complete the visitor profile in Angus AnyWhere® and may be important information for your buildings security team.

4. Customization - This final step presents several customization options:

  • Notify Hosts: Toggling this option "on" will send a notification to the Check-In List when invited visitors are signed-into Angus AnyWhere® at the lobby.

  • Check-In List: This is a comma-seperated list of e-mails which will be notified during "Notify Host" events.

How Envoy Visitors entries look in Angus AnyWhere®

In the example below, a new invited visitor is shown, as created by Envoy. This list can be found in Angus AnyWhere® under the Visitor Security > My Visits:

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