Automatic Signout+

Sign out visitors and/or employees after a specified interval

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Install the app

  1. Search for Automatic Signout+ > Click on it > Click install.

  2. Authorize the integration to read and write entries (visit records).

  3. Map some or all of your Envoy visitor types to an interval—in hours—after which you would like them automatically signed out. For instance, in the below example, visitors of type "Visitor" will be automatically signed out of Envoy after 12 hours.

    1. Common interval conversions:

      1. 1 day: 24 hours

      2. 1 week: 168 hours

      3. 1 month: ~730 hours

      4. 1 year: ~8760 hours

  4. Click "Complete Setup."

Note: Sign-outs will occur at the top of the hour after the interval has been reached. In the example displayed, for instance, a Visitor signing in at 10:04 am would be signed out at 11:00 pm.

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