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Setting up hidden sign-in fields
Setting up hidden sign-in fields
Learn how to hide specific sign-in fields from Visitors or Employees upon inviting and signing in.
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How does this feature work?

This feature allows you to edit which fields are visible to your guests and employees, allowing you the ability to store data in hidden fields. You can choose between making fields viewable to everyone, just admins and employees, or just admins.

You can use this feature to create great experiences for visitors by letting your workplace team know their requirements before they arrive onsite. Is this an interview? - have the right room set up with everything they need. Are they staying for lunch? - make sure their dietary requirements are catered for. Is this guest a VIP? - let your team know to roll out the red carpet when they arrive! HELL YEAH

Configure who can see which fields

Note: If you have multiple visitor types, you'll configure this setting per visitor type.

  1. Select the visitor type you wish to edit.

  2. Select Sign-in fields from the top navigation.

  3. Click on 'Field Options'

  4. You'll see the option to set who can see which fields you have configured for that sign-in flow. There are 3 options available:

    1. Admins only (every field is viewable to location & global admins by default)

    2. Admins & employees

    3. Everyone - visitors, employees & admins can all view the field

  5. Click Save

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