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Respondent Types

Learn more about the different types of users who will sign in to your workplace

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What are Respondents?

As a part of your Sign-In Flow, you may have questions that you would like to show only to different types of Visitor. This article will help explain the different types of Visitor, to help you decide what questions should be seen by each.

Respondent Types


A visitor is someone external to your workplace who has either been invited to meet with a member of the team, or has arrived unexpectedly. It may be the first time that the visitor has been associated with your company, so you may want to collect more information to identify them, such as phone number and email address.


An employee is a visitor who is a part of your company's Employee Directory. They may have scheduled a visit through the dashboard or mobile app, and are confirming their sign in once they arrive at the workplace. For this respondent, you perhaps won't be asking to collect data such as phone number or place of work!


An Admin is an employee who has special permission within your Envoy account. The admin may have access to all of the visitor log information, can delegate book desks for employees, and can make changes to the company account.

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