Envoy allows you to upload a CSV file containing the email addresses of allowed visitors to a secure FTP (SFTP) server hosted by Envoy. After installing this integration and uploading the file, visitors with an email address on the "allowlist" will be automatically allowed, while those not on the list will require admin approval.

Setup within Envoy

  1. Navigate to the Integrations page at https://dashboard.envoy.com/integrations, and scroll down to the "Build your own" section.

  2. Click "Install" on the "SFTP Allowlist" integration:

  3. This will take you to the installed integrations tab. Find the SFTP Allowlist integration, which will now be on the first setup step, "Visitor types." Select the visitor type(s) for which you would like us to check against the allowlist. Visitor types not selected will not be subject to the allowlist requirement.

  4. contain information about where and how you can upload your allowlist. Note that the username and password are unique to the Envoy location where you've installed the integration—do not share with anyone.

  5. You can use the displayed information to complete the section below, "Upload allowlist."

  6. Once you are finished, click, "Save Configuration."

Note: You must ask visitors for their email addresses for this functionality to work.

Upload Allowlist

  1. Create a CSV file (must be of type CSV, not XLS, Numbers, etc.) containing one allowed email per line. The file does not need headers, and should only contain one column containing email addresses.

  2. Upload the file to the SFTP server with the URL, username, and password provided by Envoy in the "Setup within Envoy" section of this article.

  3. Once Envoy receives the file, visitors with the email addresses contained therein will be automatically approved. Those who are not will require admin approval:

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