Submit proof of vaccination

  1. Open up the Envoy Mobile app (please note: this feature is only available in 4.7.0 version and above).

  2. You should see the following prompt "Submit your Covid-19 Vaccination Record"

  3. Click "Get Started" to begin the submission

  4. You'll be redirected to another screen to add your document, click "Get started"

  5. You'll be prompted to upload the front side of the picture.

    • You can either "Take a picture" of the proof of vaccination or upload the picture from your phone's gallery by clicking "Choose existing picture"

  6. You'll also be prompted to upload the back side of the picture and if there's no back side, select the "There is no back side" option.

  7. You'll then be prompted to review your submission.

    • You can retake any of the pictures by tapping on the side you would like to retake.

  8. Click "Submit" to upload the pictures to be reviewed by your Admin.


If your submission is denied, you'll get the following message on the Envoy mobile app but you can resubmit following the above steps.

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