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Configure the Welcome email
Configure the Welcome email

Learn how to configure and customize the Welcome email that Envoy sends out to your guests after sign-in.

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Benefits of configurable email templates

  • Make a fantastic first impression on everyone who enters your workplace

  • Ensure every visitor feels welcome and prepared for their arrival by providing relevant details for their visit

  • Customize the look and feel of your welcome emails without diving into code

Create new Welcome email templates

Templates are assigned per sign-in flow. That means you can have custom emails to match your visitor type! You cannot edit the default template, so you must create new ones as needed.

  1. Click Add new template.

  2. Type the template name and click Save

    1. If you intend to use one template per sign-in flow, we suggest naming it with the same name as the visitor type you want to connect it to.

  3. Once you do this, the window to edit the content will open automatically.

Conditions for sending the Welcome email

  • Anytime a visitor signs in

    • No matter how the visitor is signed in, manually or via the iPad/Mobile app/Web sign in, the visitor will get your welcome email

  • Anytime a visitor signs in, except for when manually signed in by an admin

    • The visitor will only get the welcome email when they signed in via the iPad/Mobile app/Web sign in

  • Only when legal documents are signed at sign-in

    • The visitor will only get this email if they sign a legal document during their sign-in process.

Changing the order of sections

In the Body section of the email template, you can rearrange the order of content blocks.

  1. Click the right arrow icons in the box to move it.

  2. Drag and drop the box where you'd like it to display.

    1. You cannot move a section out of the Body of the email

Hiding specific sections

If you don't want your visitors to get a specific part of the email, you can hide it by clicking the eye icon to the right of the box.

Custom content

In the body section of your email, you have a space for Custom content.

You can add anything here and format the text any way you want!

  • To insert a link, type your text, highlight the text, click the link icon, paste your link, and hit enter to save

  • To insert an image, click the image icon, paste the image URL, and hit enter to save

    • You cannot upload images. Instead, you can pull them from a public URL to display in your email. This should update and show the image in the Custom content box and the email example.

Add or change variables

You can add or remove variables from the Subject, Header, and Subheader of the email. As you do so, the preview of the email will update, allowing you to ensure everything looks correct!

  1. Click on Variables to the right of any section and add whichever variable you want.

    1. These variables are not customizable.

  2. To delete a variable, just use the delete or backspace keys on your keyboard.

    1. ✨ Tip: Make sure the preview text looks correct, sometimes after a variable there's an extra space or between words is missing the space!

  3. Click Save

Legal documents

Our Welcome emails include the Visitor's legal document by default. However, if the visitor was invited and signed the document during pre-registration, they've already received an email with their signed legal document.

If you want to send the legal document only once, after the initial signing, instead of sending it again when they sign in at your workplace, please change the setting from Always, regardless of when it was signed to If legal document was signed during sign-in.

Once you've edited your template, click Save at the top right of the page. After that, you can send yourself a test email to ensure everything looks how you want.

Assign Welcome email templates to your sign-in flows

By default, the 'Default' template will be assigned to all sign-in flows for the location. If You'll want to assign your templates to any custom flows you want the specific template to go to.

  1. Once the templates are saved, click the X by the template editor to close the modal

  2. Click Manage by sign-in flow

  3. Assign the template to the flow(s) you want it applied to

Edit Welcome email templates

  1. Find the template you want to edit on the drop-down next to Viewing on the left side of the page

  2. Click Edit email content

  3. Make your changes and click Save

    1. If you edit the name of the template, it will remain assigned to the flows it was previously assigned to

Delete Welcome email templates

  1. Find the template you want to delete on the drop-down next to Viewing on the left side of the page;

  2. Click Edit email content

  3. Click the trash can icon πŸ—‘οΈ at the top right of the modal

  4. Confirm that you wish to delete the template by clicking Delete.

    1. If the template was assigned to any flows, the assigned template will revert back to the Default

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