AVPMi Parking

Automate parking pass issuance with AVPMi and Envoy

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How does this app work?

Guest parking couldn't be easier than the AVPMi parking app for Envoy. Guests assigned a QR code during pre-registration in Envoy can have corresponding parking pass automatically created in AVPMi for their upcoming visit.

Enabling the AVPMi Parking app in Envoy


QR Codes must be enabled and pre-registered guests must be granted a QR code for an AVPMi parking pass to be generated.

Setup Steps

  1. Access

    1. Enter your AVPMi username and password in order to proceed with this step. If you do not already have AVPMi credentials you can reach out to your AVPMi support contact before proceeding.

  2. Flow Mapping

    1. DEFAULT LOCATION: If you have more than one location, this option makes it easy to define a default location for all of your visitors flows.

    2. AVPMI LOCATION TO ENVOY FLOW: This mapping set up allows you to map an AVPMi location to an Envoy visitor flow or disable access to AVPMi for specific visitor flows.

  3. Customization

    1. There are three options which can be customized, each of which is combined to create a total parking duration greater than the parking duration. 

    1. EARLY ACCESS DURATION: Define a duration of time prior to the pre-registration start time which will allow guests early access to the garage.

    2. PARKING DURATION: Define a duration of time allotted for general access to the parking garage.

    3. SIGN-OUT DURATION: Define a duration of time after sign-out which will allow travel time to the garage and for exiting the garage

    4. FLOWS TO PARKING TYPE: Define the Envoy flows to the parking type that's available for them.

    5. DEFAULT CUSTOMER TYPE: Select a default customer type if there's an absence of a mapping.

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