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Everything you need to know about your homepage.

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The Home page is the first place you will land in the dashboard upon signing up or signing back in. Here you can see what's happening in your workplace at a glance as well as items and undone tasks that need your attention.

Global Admins will see information and alerts pertaining to all the locations in their company. Location Admins will see information and alerts for the locations they oversee.

Getting started

The first time you log in to Envoy, you will land on the Home page. Here you can start a trial with any of Envoy's products and also find any incomplete setup tasks.

Your workplace at a glance

Get insight into what's happening in your workplace with real-time statistics on your visitors, deliveries, and meeting rooms. Here, you can see:

  • The number of visitors who are currently on-site and how many are still expected that day

  • The number of deliveries awaiting pick-up and how many have been scanned in total that week.ย 

  • The number of meeting rooms booked and the number of rooms released using the space saver within the last 24 hours.

Important Note:

  • The percentage you see under the Visitors, Deliveries, and Rooms info panels are up or down based on the previous calendar date.


Quickly identify if a device is offline so you or your team can address the situation in a timely manner.

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