How does this integration work?

Envoy will send a record of every visitor who signs in on your kiosk to C-CURE 9000 as Personnel and automatically create an identity in C-CURE.

You can configure Envoy to apply a certain Clearance for your visitor types. You can then use all of C-CURE’s features for your visitors, such as badge provisioning, security alerts, and more. 

For the Envoy integration to work on a customer’s C-CURE system, the Envoy integration driver needs to be installed along with the CC9000-WEBSVC option enabled on the systems license.

Enabling the Envoy + C-CURE 9000 integration

Note: You’ll need to be an ‘Operator’ with ‘SYSTEM ALL’ permission on your C-CURE account to complete this integration. Either become an administrator or ask your administrator for help before completing these steps:

  1. Go to Integrations > All integrations.
  2. Under Building security, find C-CURE 9000 and click “Install”.
  3. Take note of Envoy’s two static IP’s for whitelisting. 1, Enter your on-prem IP and port, or URL.
  4. Enter your C-CURE account login credentials, and click “Save Configuration.”
  5. Assign Envoy some or all Visitor type to a predefined C-CURE Clearance. This allows certain Envoy visitor types to have pre-defined access to specific doors and or elevators once you assign the visitor a hard badge.
  6. Log into your C-CURE instance.
  7. Your test visitor record will appear in the Personnel section.

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