Genea Access Control

Genea’s cloud-based access control is designed for the convenience and security of both companies and building management teams.

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How does this app work?

The Envoy + Genea integration streamlines the process of logging and distributing access to visitors (coming soon) and employees.

Enabling Envoy + Genea

Note: You will need administrative access on your Genea account to complete this integration. Ensure you have administrative access or work with a local administrator before proceeding with the following steps:

  1. Search for Genea > Click on it > Click Install.

  2. On the Authentication step, enter the API token which can be generated here, and click “Next Step” to continue.

    1. Side note: When generating an API Key in Genea, feel free to adjust the permissions for "Hardware Management" to No access and "API Key management" to read-only.

  3. In the next step, Envoy Workplace "Workplace", you will find a toggle to turn on and off the automation to enable or disable employee badge access.

  4. Click "Save Configuration."

Envoy Workplace + Genea

If your company has Envoy Workplace enabled they can edit their existing integration, click on Envoy Workplace step and click the checkbox to enable the "Envoy Workplace" option. After they do that they go ahead and re-save the integration.

DISCLAIMER: Genea users (employees) are not disabled by default, Envoy did not want to take on the liability to mass disable user accounts. In order to do this on your own, you will need to deactivate the users' badges.

How does it work?

  1. The employee has answered the preconfigured questions by the Envoy admins.

  2. They pass screening based on the set of rules

    1. (i.e. Have you been in contact with someone feeling ill over the past 14 days?)

  3. The employee will then be approved to come on-site

  4. When they go to the office, the employee will need to "check-in" in order for their credentials to be reactivated to allow them to enter the building.

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