How does this integration work?

Envoy will send employees a private Chatter message when their visitors arrive. Chatter is a part of the Salesforce suite of products.

Enabling the Envoy + Chatter integration

Note: You’ll need to be an admin on your Salesforce Chatter account to complete this integration. Either become an admin or ask your admin for help before completing these steps:

  1. Before enabling the integration, we recommend creating a generic Chatter user named Envoy or Front Desk. All Chatter messages will come from this new user.

  2. Go to Integrations > All integrations.

  3. Under host notifications, find Salesforce Chatter, and click “Install”.

  4. Click "Next step".

  5. Click “Connect Account.” 

  6. At this time, you’ll be prompted to sign in to Salesforce. If you created a generic chatter user, make sure to sign in as that user to complete the connection.

    1. Note: If you log in using your personal Chatter login information, all host notifications in Chatter will be sent from you.

  7. Allow access when prompted. 

  8. Once you’ve installed the integration, host notifications will begin sending. 

Important notes

  • Each employee that wishes to receive Chatter notifications must have an active Chatter account, and their email listed in Chatter must match their email listed in the Envoy employee directory.

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