About expiring badges

You can add an additional layer of workplace security by using Envoy’s expiring visitor badges.

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How expiring badges work

Envoy offers expiring badges through the Envoy store. These white badges look and work just like Envoy’s plain white badges, but after 24 hours, a red “VOID” design appears. These badges are compatible with Envoy and Brother printers.

Expiring badges come as a kit with visitor badges and “VOID” backing stickers that you affix to the back of the badge after it’s printed. Expiring badges are sold as a set: 4 rolls of 250 badges each, and 1,000 “VOID” backing stickers for $292. 

Benefits of expiring badges

  • At a glance, it’s easy to see if a visitor is authorized to be on-site at a certain time.

  • You have full flexibility to decide what information prints on the badge: visitor name, host name, entry time and date, and any other information your visitors provided during sign-in.

How to use expiring badges

  1. Ensure badge printing is enabled.

  2. Load the roll of expiring badges into the printer.

  3. Sign yourself in as a test visitor.

  4. When the badge prints, peel the badge from the paper backing.

  5. Affix the visitor badge to one of the available “VOID” stickers on the expiring sticker sheet.

  6. Peel the assembled expiring visitor badge from the sticker sheet.

  7. Give the expiring visitor badge to the visitor.

The badge will appear white for approximately 24 hours, after which time the “VOID” pattern will be clearly visible on the badge.

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