How custom badges work

Custom badges have your custom design pre-printed in full color directly on the badge. When they arrive at your office, you’ll load them in the printer, and when visitors sign in, their name and sign-in details print in black on top of your color design. 

Benefits of custom badges

  • Your custom badges are unique. Since the only place visitors can get them is your front desk, you’ll be sure all visitors wearing a custom badge are authorized.

  • Custom badges create an end-to-end branded experience, leaving visitors with a great impression of your brand.

Ordering custom badges

Custom badges are available from the Envoy store. They’re priced at $30 for a roll of 300 badges. We offer this service to give your visitor a better experience; we actually make no margin on custom badge sales at all! Plus, we ship them to you for free.

Tip: Our custom badge orders ship out every Thursday, or the next business day after if it falls on a holiday. The order/design confirmation cutoff is 5 business days before each ship date.

Custom badge options

When you visit the Envoy store and select Custom full color, you’ll see three options:

Design your own

Choose this option if you’ll be working with your designer. It requires using Envoy’s Adobe Illustrator template to create a totally custom design.

Tip: Don't worry, we'll double-check it to make sure it will look good on a badge before we send it to print! 

Order classic design

Classic design badges give you a polished, professional look, with your color logo centered at the top of the badge. This option is simple, efficient, and does not require design expertise.

Reorder same design

Choose this option if your company has ordered custom badges in the past. We’ll have your design on file!

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