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Activity log

Learn how to stay up to date on the changes made to your account: see which settings changed, who changed them and when.

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How the activity log works

Your activity log displays a chronologically ordered list of changes made to your account. This log also shows which administrator made the change, the affected locations, and the date the change was made.

This feature is available to Global and Location Admins. Global Admins will be able to see all changes made at all locations. The activity log for Location Admins will display the changes made to their location(s).

Benefits of the activity log

  • If your team has multiple administrators, the activity log helps everyone know which settings were changed and when.

  • As a Location Admin, your Global Admin may make changes to your account. You can check the activity log to stay informed.

  • As a Global Admin, you’re likely interested in how Location Admins are managing their locations. The activity allows you to see who’s updating settings, where, and when.

How to view the activity log

  1. Log in to your dashboard.

  2. Locate Activity log from the bottom left menu. 

  3. View your activity log

Note: If a change was applied to multiple locations, you can click Show locations to see the full list of locations where the setting changed.

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