How does this app work?

This solution allows visitors to automatically receive credentials during sign-in as well as expire Kantech credentials during sign-out using the EntraPass API. For customers utilizing Envoy Protect, this app also offers support to activate and suspend employee access automatically during employee sign-in and sign-out.

Getting Started

✨ Note: You’ll need to have 1 instance of the Kantech Connected Program add-on as a pre-requisite. When activating the license, “Integration 99” needs to be selected for the Envoy connection to work.

Depending on your network security, it may be necessary to allow-list Envoy production IPs for access into your Kantech instance before proceeding. The Envoy production IPs are listed in the setup.

  1. Kantech Plugin: Navigate to Apps > All Apps > search for "Kantech By Tyco", then click "Install" on the corresponding result.

  2. API Access: Proceed to the API Access step and enter your Kantech credentials.

  3. Protect: Once your credentials are submitted successfully you will proceed to the Protect step. This step allows you to customize the Kantech functionality for employees signing into Envoy through Protect.

    1. Protect Enabled: This option will enable all options in the section. Disabling this option will disable all options regardless of their state (e.g., "Disabled During Sign Out" toggled on).

    2. Exclude Employees: This option allows you to select employees to entirely exclude from Envoy Protect functionality in the Kantech integration.

    3. Disable During Sign Out: This option will disable employee cards in Kantech during sign out from Protect.

    4. Enable During Sign Out: This option will enable employee cards in Kantech during sign in with Protect.

  4. Visitors: This section will allow you to customize the Kantech integration behavior for Visitors signing in through Envoy.

    1. Invite Required: Visitors will not be registered into Kantech during sign-in if this option is enabled and they do not have an invite.

    2. Early Access: This option allows you specify a duration of access prior to the schedule visitor arrival for the visitor to access the facility (e.g., parking, navigating to a meeting room, etc).

    3. Access Duration: This option allows you to specify the duration of access for visitors.

    4. Assign PIN Access: This option will assign a pin to the visitor when enabled.

    5. Permanently Delete Visitor: This option will permanently delete the visitor's card in Kantech instead of invalidating it during sign-out.


If you're an Envoy customer then you already know your support is our priority — whether it be through our easy-to-access intercom bubble, email, or your dedicated CSM. Whatever your preferred means of communication just know we're here to make the process as easy as possible.

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