Global sign-in flows offer the ability to assign the same flow across multiple locations without having to leave the global settings page.

The Global sign-in feature allows you to create a custom sign-in flow, and assign it en masse to any or all of your locations. This feature will also ensure that you're capturing the same information across all sites. If you need legal documents and photos for Meetings and Interviews but don't want them for Friends & Family, you can ensure that every site using these flows is in sync with those same settings without having to check at each location.

How Global sign-in flows work

To the visitor, nothing has changed! The visitor will walk up to the kiosk, tap the "Tap to sign in" button, find the proper type of flow for their visit and continue through the sign-in flow the way they did before.

To the admin team, this feature will significantly cut down the amount of time spent editing the same question across multiple locations!

To learn about how to set up your Global sign-in flow click here.

Benefits of using Global sign-in flows

  • Ensures that visitors provide the correct information based on their Visitor type.

  • Gives admins control over creating standardized visitor sign-in flows, ensuring their settings are configured as desired across locations.

  • Makes it easier to update your sign-in flows at scale.

  • Provides visibility into what sign-in flows are used and where.

Customizing the Global sign-in flow

Everything you can currently customize in your visitor types you can continue to customize in your Global sign-in flows. The difference is now you're making changes once instead of once per site!

  • Sign-in fields: Customize which fields appear

  • Legal documents: Enable or disable; if enabled, customize the text and settings

  • Badge printing: Enable or disable; if enabled, customize badge display

  • Photos: Enable or disable; if enabled, choose if you’d like to use existing photos

  • Security: Enable or disable; if enabled, choose between ID Scanning, Manual ID Check, or Visual Compliance (Enterprise only)

  • Plus one sign-in: Enable or disable; if enabled, your visitor's can add more people without having them sign in themselves

  • Final screen: Enable or disable; if enabled, customize the final screen

Setting up Global sign-in flows

Check out this help article about Setting up Global Sign-in flows to learn more.

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