We know that not all offices have the same requirements or policies when it comes to visitor management, so Envoy Visitors is fully flexible to meet your needs.

The visitor types feature allows you to create multiple, custom sign-in flows based on Visitor types. Need to print badges for interview candidates but not for vendors? Capture photos for meeting attendees but not for friends and family? Collect different sign-in information to event attendees than contractors? With visitor types, that’s possible.

How visitor types work

When a visitor approaches the iPad, they’ll tap the “Tap to sign-in” button. After adding their name, the kiosk will ask them what kind of visit they are here for. They’ll then tap on a visitor type (such as meeting, interview, contractor, etc; these are up to you). Depending on which visitor type they choose, they’ll continue with that custom sign-in flow. 

If you have multiple visitor types configured, you can choose which ones to display on your iPad at any given time. For example, you could display an “Event” visitor type only on days you have events.

Benefits of using visitor types

  • Gives you more flexibility to customize your sign-in flows.

  • Ensures that visitors provide the correct information based on their Visitor type.

Customizing the sign-in flow

All visitors will see your same welcome screen, but all other parts of the sign-in flow are customizable per visitor type:

  • Sign-in fields: Customize which fields appear

  • Legal documents: Enable or disable; if enabled, customize the text and settings

  • Badge printing: Enable or disable; if enabled, customize badge display

  • Photos: Enable or disable; if enabled, choose if you’d like to use existing photos

  • Security: Enable or disable; if enabled, choose between ID Scanning, Manual ID Check, or Visual Compliance (Enterprise only)

  • Plus one sign-in: Enable or disable; if enabled, your visitor's can add more people without having them sign in themselves

  • Final screen: Enable or disable; if enabled, customize the final screen

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