Symmetry by AMAG

Automatically issue access to both guests and employees with the Symmetry access control app for Envoy

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How does this app work?

This solution allows visitors to automatically receive credentials during sign-in as well as expire Symmetry credentials during sign-out using the AMAG MSSQL API. For customers utilizing Envoy Workplace, this app also offers support to activate and suspend employee access automatically during employee sign-in and sign-out.

Getting Started

Depending on your network security, it may be necessary to allow-list Envoy production IPs for access into your Symmetry instance before proceeding. The Envoy production IPs are listed in the setup.

Note: You will also have to purchase the Dataconnect license if you don't currently have it already.

Symmetry Plugin

  1. Navigate to Apps > All Apps in Envoy and search for "Symmetry by AMAG", then click "Install" on the corresponding result.

    1. Proceed to the "Envoy Access" setup step and enter the Symmetry remote URL or IP, a custom MSSQL port if applicable, followed by the username and password for access to the AMAG MSSQL database.


  1. With the App credentials successfully entered into for Envoy Access into AMAG, proceed to select the target company from AMAG. This is the company credentials will be assigned to when generated by Envoy.


This step allows you to customize how the Symmetry app behaves for employees signing in and out through Workplace.

  1. DISCLAIMER: Symmetry users (employees) are not disabled by default, Envoy did not want to take on the liability to mass disable user accounts. You will need to disable the employee's accounts in order to proceed.

    1. Workplace Enable: Toggling this option off will disable all other Workplace-related features for this app.

    2. Workplace Data Field: This drop-down allows the Symmetry personal data field which corresponds with the Envoy employee email to be selected. The emails in this field must identically correspond with the emails entered in Envoy for this feature to work.

    3. Exclude Employees: This drop-down allows individual employees to be excluded from the Workplace features.

    4. Disable During Sign Out: Toggling this option on will disable employee records during sign-out through Envoy Workplace.

    5. Enable During Sign In: Toggling this option on will enable employee records during sign-in through Envoy Workplace.


This final step contains customizations and settings for visitors with Symmetry.

  1. Envoy Flows ➜ Symmetry Access Code Mapping: This section allows you to assign specific Access Codes from Symmetry to visitor types ("flows") in Envoy.

  2. Early Access: Define a period of time when visitors can access the building before their scheduled arrival (e.g., pass through security, travel to a conference room).

  3. Access Duration: The duration of access all visitors will be assigned in Symmetry.

  4. Invite Only: When enabled this feature will restrict Symmetry credentials to only invited guests.

  5. Registration Required: Used in conjunction with "Invite Only", when enabled this feature will restrict Symmetry credentials to guests with an invite and a completed Registration.

  6. Issue PIN: When enabled, this feature will issue a Symmetry PIN to visitors.

  7. Add Contact Information: Enabling this feature will attach visitor contact information to visitor records in Symmetry (e.g., for security purposes).

  8. Card Access: This feature is required for Symmetry to enable and disable visitor access and requires a range of card IDs (e.g., card ID 1000 through to 1999), a card format which is configured in Symmetry, and a facility code which is configured in Symmetry.


If you're an Envoy customer then you already know your support is our priority β€” whether it be through our easy-to-access intercom bubble, email, or your dedicated CSM. Whatever your preferred means of communication just know we're here to make the process as easy as possible.

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