Benefits of the Global analytics dashboard

The GLobal analytics dashboard can help you make smarter, more data-driven decisions about your workplace.

  • Identify gaps in security and opportunities to optimize your visitor policies and sign-in procedures

  • See patterns in visitor traffic to help inform staffing, purchasing, and business decisions across all locations

  • See a multitude of different chats comparing how each location stacks up in usage

  • Arm your team and higher-ups with insights that can help them make better decisions

How the Global analytics dashboard works

  1. Go to your Location drop-down > Global overview > Visitors > Analytics
    Note: You will be able to see this if you're a location admin as well, it will be called Location overview. It's a view of all the locations you've been assigned to as an admin.

  2. You can choose to change the time frame you want to view analytics for (click the time frame at the top right and from there use the calendar to select the date range) or choose from any of our pre-set options
    • Today
    • Past 7 days
    • Past 30 days
    • Past 60 days
    • Past 90 days
    • Current month
    • Current year
    • All time

Different tables and how to read them

  • Visitors - The total number of visitors for the time frame selected

  • Invites - The total number of invites for the time frame selected

  • Hosts - The number of times a visit had a host in the time frame selected

Actual arrivals by location


Location data

Sign ins by type

➖The various ways that visitors or employees can be signed into Envoy

  • Dashboard: Number of people signed in by an Admin using the dashboard

  • iPad: Number of people signed in using the Visitors Kiosk app on the iPad

  • Mobile: Number of people signed in using Envoy Mobile

  • Web: Number of people signed in using touchless sign-in for Visitors

Sign out rates

  • The percent of signed out visitors and employees for the time frame selected

Most frequent visitors

  • Who has visited your offices the most (matched via email) in the selected time frame

Most frequent hosts

  • The Employees who have hosted the most visitors and which visitor types are the most common for them to be a host of. We also will display how many visitors they have invited vs how many total visitors they have had.

Block list matches

  • This table will list out any block list matches for any location and their reason for being blocked.

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