Benefits of the Global analytics dashboard

The GLobal analytics dashboard can help you make smarter, more data-driven decisions about your workplace.

  • Identify gaps in security and opportunities to optimize your visitor policies and sign-in procedures
  • See patterns in visitor traffic to help inform staffing, purchasing, and business decisions across all locations
  • See a multitude of different chats comparing how each location stacks up in usage
  • Arm your team and higher-ups with insights that can help them make better decisions

How the Global analytics dashboard works

  1. Go to your Location drop-down > Global overview > Visitors > Analytics
    Note: You will be able to see this if you're a location admin as well, it will be called Location overview. It's a view of all the locations you've been assigned to as an admin.
  2. You can choose to change the time frame you want to view analytics for
    • Today
    • Past 7 days
    • Past 30 days
    • Past 60 days
    • Past 90 days
    • Current month
    • Current year
    • All time

Different tables and how to read them


  • Visitors - The total number of visitors for the time frame selected
  • Invites - The total number of invites for the time frame selected
  • Hosts - The number of times a visit had a host in the time frame selected

Actual arrivals by location


Location data

Sign ins by type

➖The various ways that visitors or employees can be signed into Envoy

  • Dashboard: Number of people signed in by an Admin using the dashboard
  • iPad: Number of people signed in using the Visitors Kiosk app on the iPad
  • Mobile: Number of people signed in using Envoy Mobile
  • Web: Number of people signed in using touchless sign-in for Visitors

Sign out rates

  • The percent of signed out visitors and employees for the time frame selected

Most frequent visitors

  • Who has visited your offices the most (matched via email) in the selected time frame

Most frequent hosts

  • The Employees who have hosted the most visitors and which visitor types are the most common for them to be a host of. We also will display how many visitors they have invited vs how many total visitors they have had.

Block list matches

  • This table will list out any block list matches for any location and their reason for being blocked.
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