Registration and Sign-in [Web]

Don't have the Envoy app? No problem. Learn how to register and sign-in via the web.

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As an employee, you have options when it comes to how you register and take your company's health check. You can register via the web dashboard or via a web link sent by your company admin.

How to Register and Sign-in via the web dashboard

To register and sign-in:

  1. Click Schedule next to the day(s) you plan to be in office.

  2. Click Register and fill out your companies health check. (If applicable; not every company will have a health check in place)

  3. When you arrive to your workplace, make sure to click Sign-in so your attendance is recorded and your coworkers know you are on-site for the day.

  4. Complete these steps each day you need to schedule.

How to Sign out via the web dashboard

To sign-out:

  1. Click Sign out next to today's date.

  2. If you only need to free up you desk for someone else to book, click Check out instead.

How to register via Web link

If you don't want to use the Envoy app to register, your Envoy admin can send you a web link. This allows you to register from any web browser.

Below we outline how to register and take your company's health check via a web link. Want to use the app instead? Follow these instructions.

✨ Please have your global admin contact support to enable this feature.✨

How to register

  1. Open up the link on your phone or computer.

    1. If your workplace requires you to show them a badge the badge can only be opened on the device you used to sign in. You will have to walk up to your team with your computer.

  2. Type your name and email as they appear in the employee directory.

  3. Check your email for a confirmation email to begin the registration process.

  4. Depending on your company's registration window you will be able to choose between registering for Today and Tomorrow. Select the proper date you wish to register for and continue on to the questionnaire.

  5. Answer all questions, you will be denied or approved based on rules set by your admin team.

How to sign in

  1. Open your email on the device you registered with, click "Sign in" on the email from Envoy (Subject line: You're approved to work at {company}).

  2. You will see your badge for the day which shows you were approved to work in the workplace.

How to sign out

  1. Open your email on the device you registered with, click "Sign out" on the email from Envoy (Subject line: You've signed in to {Company}{Location}).

  2. You will see a confirmation that you've been signed out.

Web link registration FAQ

  • The above screenshots are from a mobile device but this will work on any device with an internet browser.

  • You will not be assigned a desk through Envoy Desks if you use this method of registration.

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