Empower your visitors with automated access control through Swiftlane

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Automatically on and off-board visitor access to your facilities with the Swiftlane and Envoy integration for visitors.

How does this app work?

The Envoy + Swiftlane app simplifies visitor access by utilizing Swiftlane's touch-less mobile unlock. Envoy will create visitor records in Swiftlane and visitors will be able to unlock doors using the permalink on their phone during the scheduled visit time.

Enabling Envoy + Swiftlane

Note #1: You will need administrative access to your Swiftlane admin dashboard to complete this integration.

Note #2: Swiftlane creates a user record in the admin dashboard for each visitor. Access to different doors is controlled the same way as for standard users (i.e. via user groups, schedules, and remote unlock configuration for a specific access point.) We suggest creating a separate user group for visitors and add this user group to at least one door before proceeding further.

Configuration steps:

  1. Search for Swiftlane > Click on it > Click Install.

  2. Sign in to your workspace.

  3. Pick site and user groups to assign to visitors.

  4. Integration complete!

How Envoy Visitors entries look in Swiftlane

Swiftlane creates a user record in the admin dashboard for a visitor. The visitor will be listed under each user group that was selected in Envoy + Swiftlane configuration.

How Swiftlane notifications look in your email

Invited visitors will be kept in Swiftlane as active users and will not be automatically deleted.

Visitors can use the link in email to open the door unlock webpage in their browser for simplicity. They can also download the Swiftlane iOS or Android mobile app and login with the same email address used in Envoy invitation, and unlock doors from there.

This webpage will be active 10 minutes before the scheduled visit time and for 8 hours after it, however, if a user group schedule is assigned to access points within a visitor's user group, this will be subject to schedule limitations (if the schedule doesn't allow 24/7 access).

Users can use this webpage to unlock doors multiple times during the scheduled visit time.

The link also expires immediately (doors can't be unlocked) if visitor sign out is initiated from the Envoy dashboard.

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