Learn how to integrate GoodTime with Envoy.

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GoodTime's Interview Management Platform is designed to provide an exceptional Candidate Experience.

How does this app work?

This app helps automate invite creation within Envoy when scheduling interviews through GoodTime.

You will have the ability to select the interview stages we should create invites for, and match them to their proper Envoy visitor type.

Enabling Envoy + GoodTime

Note: You’ll need admin access within GoodTime to set up this app. Additionally, to integrate Envoy with GoodTime, have an Envoy global admin at your org complete the following step.

  1. Create a new employee named GoodTime or Envoy API (the name doesn't really matter), with the Show Employee as Host on the Visitors Kiosk toggle turned off.

  2. Go to the Admin Roles page and add the employee you just created as a global admin so it has access to all the locations. Don't worry. You won't be giving GoodTime global admin privileges.

  3. Go to the Company Settings page on GoodTime.

  4. Scroll down to the section that says VISITOR MANAGEMENT SYSTEM INTEGRATION. If you do not see this, contact your account manager. They need to activate it.

  5. Select Envoy in the Dropdown as your VMS and click the login button.

  6. You will be redirected to Envoy and be asked if you want to give GoodTime only the following permissions.

  7. Click Authorize to grant the permissions. (You can't integrate with Envoy without these permissions.)

  8. You'll then be redirected back to the Company Settings page on GoodTime. Scroll to the VISITOR MANAGEMENT SYSTEM INTEGRATION.

  9. Map locations on GoodTime to a location and flow within Envoy. This needs to be done so that every time you make a GoodTime interview, we know which Envoy location the invite should be sent to.

  10. Important: Once you're done here, scroll up and hit Save.

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