Learn about how Greenhouse integrates with Envoy.

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Greenhouse's applicant tracking system and recruiting software is designed to help make companies great at hiring, improving the process for everyone involved.

How does this app work?

This app helps to automate invite creation through Envoy when scheduling interviews through Greenhouse.

You will have the ability to select the interview stages we should create invites for, and match them to their proper Envoy visitor type.

Enabling Envoy + Greenhouse


You must be an admin in Greenhouse to complete the installation of this integration.

You will need to have an API key for the Greenhouse Harvest API. In Greenhouse, navigate to Configure > Dev Center > API Credential Management. There you will be able to generate an API key for the Harvest API.

The API Key will need the following permissions:

  • Applications: GET Retrieve Application

  • Applications: GET List Applications

  • Candidates: GET Retrieve Candidate

  • Job Stages: GET Retrieve Job Stage

  • Job Stages: GET List Job Stages

  • Job Stages: GET List Job Stages for Job

  • Scheduled Interviews: GET Retrieve Interview

  • Scheduled Interviews: GET List Interviews

  • Users: GET Retrieve User

  1. Navigate to Apps > All Apps in the Envoy Dashboard.

  2. Search for Greenhouse and click Install.

  3. You'll first have to provide permissions in order to authorize the installation. Click on Authorize.

    1. write invites

    2. read employees

    3. read invites

  4. On the Access step, input your Greenhouse Harvest API Key. Then click on Next Step.

  1. On the Invite Options step, select the interviews we should create invites for, and match them to their proper Envoy visitor type. You can add multiple matches accordingly.

  2. Optionally you're able to select whether or not you want the hosts on your Envoy Invites.

  3. After you click Save Configuration, the app is enabled on the Envoy side.

Once one of the selected interviews are scheduled on the calendar through Greenhouse, Envoy will automatically send an invite.

Important Note

  • The email address in Greenhouse must be the same as the one used to in Google to authorize. Envoy adds calendar events on behalf of the connected user.

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