The Envoy + ServiceNow integration makes it simple to sync and route workplace issues to ServiceNow so that they can assigned and resolved by your team. Define custom workflows to trigger the creation of incidents, tasks, and problems in your ServiceNow instance when specific events occur within Envoy.

For example, you can create a workflow that automatically creates an incident for your in ServiceNow anytime an Employee reports an issue through the Envoy Mobile app.

Note: You’ll need to be an admin for your ServiceNow account to complete the integration set up.

Install the integration

  1. Go to Integrations > All integrations.

  2. Under Helpdesk, find ServiceNow. Click Install.

Configure the integration

Create an OAuth client credential in ServiceNow

Next you'll need to create an OAuth application credential in ServiceNow so that Envoy can access your ServiceNow instance.

  1. Log into your ServiceNow instance and then navigate to System OAuth > Application Registry and then click New.

  2. On the interceptor page, click Create an OAuth API endpoint for external clients.

  3. In the Name field, provide a unique name for the credential e.g. Envoy

  4. Click on the lock icon in the Redirect URL field to edit the URL and copy and paste the following callback URL

  5. Click Submit

  6. Select OAuth Provider you created in the previous step and copy the Client ID and Client Secret from the application registry page. Note: Click the lock icon next to the Client Secret field to display the secret key.

Enter your ServiceNow OAuth client credentials into Envoy

Provide your ServiceNow OAuth credentials so that Envoy can access your ServiceNow instance.

  1. From within the Envoy Dashboard go to Integrations > Enable integrations.

  2. Find ServiceNow and Click Configure.

  3. On the credentials step, paste the Client ID and Client Secret from step #6.

  4. Enter in the base URL for your ServiceNow instance https://<base URL>/>uri=<page name>.

  5. Click Next Step.

  6. Click Allow from the ServiceNow OAuth prompt to allow Envoy to connect to your ServiceNow account.

Set up rules

Rules allow you to define workflows in an IFTTT format enabling you to customize how and when incidents, tasks, and users are created.

Configure an event and action

  1. Click Add new rule

  2. Under Event select Ticket created from the picklist

  3. Under Action select Create or update from the picklist

  4. Under the ServiceNow Table select the table you would like Envoy to create a record in.

  5. Then select add ticket attachment to sync any photos or attachments uploaded to ServiceNow.

Map fields

  1. Under Field Mappings click add a field mapping

  2. Search and or select each field you would like to sync from Envoy field column and select the corresponding field you would like to map it to from the ServiceNow column.

Note: Any fields you do not map will be not synced to ServiceNow.

Define Choice Column Actions

If any of your ServiceNow fields are a picklist you must also select an action for how you would like those values to be handled.

You can select from 3 types of actions

  • Create a new choice if not found - this will automatically add new values to your ServiceNow field if they do not exist.

  • Leave blank if no choice is found - this option will leave the value NULL if the Envoy value does not exist in the ServiceNow field.

  • Map to Envoy's value - this will map Envoy's value to corresponding values from your ServiceNow field. If a value is not found it will be left NULL.

Map picklist values

Here's how to map Envoy's picklist values to your ServiceNow values

  1. Select Map to Envoy's value from the list of actions.

  2. In the Envoy value field enter in the Envoy value you would like to map and select the corresponding ServiceNow value. The values for every picklist field is listed below.

Envoy Category Values

office access, password, software, health-safety, equipment, wifi, rooms, printing, other

Envoy Source Values

ios, android, web

Envoy Type Values

problem, question, request, incident

Envoy Priority Values

urgent, high, normal, low

When you're finished with your rules you can click Done to save the rule.

Create a sync users rule

To sync the details of the user that opened the ticket to ServiceNow you will need to create a user rule and link that rule to previous rule you created.

  1. Click Add new rule

  2. Under Event select Ticket created from the picklist

  3. Under Action select Find from the picklist

  4. Under the ServiceNow Table select Users.

  5. Click Add a field mapping under the Field Mapping section

  6. And search for Requestor Email under Envoy field

  7. Select the corresponding email field in your ServiceNow Users table

  8. Click Done

  1. Now open the previous ticket created rule you created and under Reference Mappings click Add a reference mapping.

  2. Then under the Envoy rule select find: Users

  3. Under the ServiceNow column select your corresponding user field

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