Send employees a push notification through your CX APP when their visitor arrives.

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The CXApp is your mobile solution for digital customer experience programs across meetings, events, communities and campuses. Serving as a comprehensive workplace experience solution, the CXApp brings employees and teams closer together through real-time, campus to campus, and building to building on-site experiences.

How does this app work?

Envoy + the CXApp enables real-time communications through mobile alerts before, during, and after your customers visit your workplace. This helps transform your venue’s communications for more immersive and contextual experiences.

Enabling Envoy + CXApp

  1. Search for CXApp > Click on it > Click Install.

  2. Enter your CXApp company identifier for Envoy, then click “Save Configuration”.

Envoy + CXApp FAQ

Q: What are the prerequisites for the CXApp app?

A: To complete the integration, you need to have your company’s CXApp API identifier.

Q: Who can I contact at the CXApp to get started?

A: Please send an email to Alex Le [email protected].

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