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Microsoft Power Automate
Microsoft Power Automate

Microsoft Power Automate is a trigger-based system for creating automated workflows.

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How does this application work?

You can use Envoy with Microsoft Power Automate to create flows that trigger when certain actions take place in Envoy. Whenever the trigger event occurs, Power Automate automatically completes the action for you.

Enabling the Envoy + Power Automate application

  1. Under Build Your Own, find Microsoft Power Automate. Click “Install” and then you will be redirected to Microsoft Power Automate.

  2. Authenticate your Microsoft Power Automate account, then click “Create”.

  3. Confirm that the connection to the certified Envoy connector is made through your Envoy login credentials.

  4. Make sure you select the automated templates to create your flow and select the desired trigger event.

  5. Map your desired Envoy action as the next step within your flow.

  6. If you are trying to use an Envoy action to retrieve data then you will need a third step to add this data back into the step and the flow will dynamically allow you to add it utilizing the Envoy Body of the Request made.

    1. This is necessary for flows with three steps or more where the Envoy action is retrieving data.

Using Power Automate to create invites from Excel

An example of a workflow you might try is triggering Envoy to create an invite each time a new row is added to a Microsoft Excel Online Spreadsheet. Here’s how:

  1. Navigate to Flow > Connectors

  2. Create a New Flow

  3. Utilize a trigger as your first action in the Flow (i.e. For a selected row via Microsoft Excel Online or For a selected file in SharePoint or OneDrive if utilizing the instant flow)

  4. After configuring your trigger, Envoy can provide the ability to create invites in our system after you enter a connection name “Envoy - [Your Company] Application” followed by your login credentials to Envoy.

  5. Match the corresponding columns using the dynamic data picker in Microsoft Power Automate.

  6. Test your connection in the flow, and you may have to manually trigger your initial action.

  7. Once you see the green checkmarks and receive a confirmation that your Microsoft Power Automate connector is functioning then you can set the frequency of your flow.

Important Note: Power Automate is not available on Microsoft GCC accounts (Government Community Cloud).

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