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Everbridge provides critical event management solutions that empower companies to respond faster to emergencies and disruptive events.

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How does this app work?

Make sure everyone who’s on-site leaves safely in an emergency by connecting your Everbridge account to Envoy. Envoy sends the names and contact information of your signed-in visitors to Everbridge. In the event of an emergency, you can use Everbridge to mass message any visitors who are on site.

Note: For this app to work, you must collect email addresses or mobile phone numbers at sign-in. Learn more about configuring sign-in fields.

Note: If you do not map an Envoy Visitor type to an Everbridge record type, then the default record type will be set for unmapped visitor types.

Enabling Envoy + Everbridge

Pre-configure in Everbridge

  1. Navigate to Organization > Contacts and Groups > Contact Record Types.

  2. Add a “Visitor” record type.

Enable the app in Envoy 

  1. Under Communication, find Everbridge and click “Install”.

  2. Enter your Everbridge username and password, then click “Next step”.

    1. Please ensure that this user has sufficient permissions to make API requests.

  3. Select the organization where you want to add visitors as contacts from the drop-down. Click “Next step”.

  4. Select your preferred delivery method and order of priority to alert the visitor.

  5. Select Visitor types within Envoy to match with corresponding Record types within Everbridge.

  6. Optional: Select Visitor types within Envoy to match with corresponding Groups within Everbridge.

Click “Complete setup.”

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