How does this application work?

Envoy will send a record of every visitor who signs in on the iPad into the Avigilon event log. Envoy will automatically create an identity in Avigilon for each new visitor.

You can configure Envoy to apply a certain identity type, site location, building, and/or role for your visitor records. You can then utilize all of Avigilon’s features for your visitors, such as badge provisioning, security alerts, and more. 

Enabling the Envoy + Avigilon application

Note: You’ll need to be an admin on your Avigilon account to complete this installation. Either become an admin or ask your admin for help before completing these steps.

Giving Super admin access would be easiest; however, if your team would prefer not to give that access, the login credentials being used would need the following permissions:

  • Identities Listing

  • Tokens Edit Last Area

  • Tokens Listing

  • Tokens Update

In order for the application to work and connect to your Avigilon instance, please allowlist the following IP addresses:



  1. Go to Apps > All Apps.

  2. Under Access Control, find Avigilon.

  3. Enter your Avigilon account login credentials and publicly available IP address/name (and port, if necessary), and click “next step.”

  4. 4. Enter information about how you would like visitors to be assigned Identities in Avigilon. The identity type and identity role are required.

    1. Optionally, you can choose to add a site location and building.

  5. In step 3, Protect, select your options to enable Envoy Protect and or opt out specific employees from the automation.

Envoy Protect + Avigilon application

If your company has Envoy Protect enabled, you can edit the existing application, click on Step 2 Options and click the checkbox to enable "Envoy Protect". After completing, go ahead and re-save the application.

❗️DISCLAIMER: Avigilon identities (employees) need to be enabled or disabled depending on your Envoy Protect Avigilon configuration. Please plan ahead to pre-configure Token Status depending on your preferred configuration.

How does it work?

  1. The employee has answered the preconfigured questions by the Envoy admins.

  2. They pass screening based on the set of rules

    1. (i.e. Have you been in contact with someone feeling ill over the past 14 days?)

  3. The employee will be approved to come into work

  4. When the employee goes to the office, the employee will need to "Sign-In" in order for their badge access to be reactivated to allow them to enter the building.


How to enable badge event data in Avigilon?

  1. Find "Setup & Settings" > "Collaboration"

  2. Select to add the new Collaborator under "Host"

  3. Find and input the URL like the following:

    1. URL to be generated within the Envoy app configuration dynamically

How to review Envoy entries in Avigilon?

  1. Sign yourself in as a test visitor to ensure that your visitor entry is sent to the Avigilon event log.

  2. Log into your Avigilon instance.

  3. Your test visitor record will appear in the event log.

    1. Note: Visitor name will appear in the source column and the last name and first name columns correspond to your Avigilon admin name.

  4. You can search for all of your visitors based on the identity type.

  5. You can also examine and adjust each visitor’s individual identity.

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