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MailChimp Application

MailChimp is an email marketing service that allows you to easily manage and automate email campaigns.

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How does this application work?

Envoy will automatically subscribe any visitor type that checks in to a specified MailChimp list. You have the option to either send them a confirmation email or automatically opt them in to your emails. 

Enabling the Envoy + MailChimp application

Note: You’ll need to be an admin on your MailChimp account to complete this installation. Either become an admin or ask your admin for help before completing these steps:

  1. Under Sales and marketing, find MailChimp, and click “Install.”

  2. If you’re not already logged in to MailChimp, you’ll be prompted to log in now. 

  3. Select the designated MailChimp list by clicking the dropdown. Choose the specific list from the dropdown options.

  4. Pay special attention to the permissions section.

    1. We recommend checking the ‘these visitors gave permission’ box only if you have received explicit permissions to subscribe all visitors to a mailing list. 

    2. If you do not check this box, the visitor will still be subscribed to the list, but they’ll receive a confirmation email from MailChimp before they receive their first email from you. 

    3. That’s it! Now, when any visitor signs in (regardless of visitor type), their names and email addresses will be automatically added to the designated MailChimp list.

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