How does this application work?

Instead of manually sending every visitor your NDA or safety waiver, the Envoy + DocuSign app sends visitors the documents they need to sign when they’re invited or sign in with Envoy. You choose which types of visitors must sign documents and which of your DocuSign templates they’ll need to sign. 

All signatures take place in DocuSign’s dashboard, so you can countersign documents, and find all of your signed documents from visitors in one place.

Note: For this app to work, you must collect visitor email addresses. Learn more about how to configure your Envoy sign-in fields.

Enabling the Envoy + DocuSign app

  1. Under File storage, find DocuSign.

  2. Click “Install” and then authenticate into your DocuSign account.

  3. Select your DocuSign account from the drop-down, then click “Next Step”.

  4. Choose your DocuSign templates from the dropdown to map to the corresponding visitor types.

    1. Optional: Choose to send out the DocuSign template upon pre-registration, then click “Next Step”.

  5. Map your DocuSign templates to the corresponding signer role.

    1. This is necessary for the visitor to be directed to the correct signature input on the template.

  6. Click “Complete setup.”

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