This feature works well for groups that have a representative that can sign in on behalf of the full group (i.e., tours).

How plus one sign-in works

The group leader will tap the “Tap to sign in” button on the iPad, and they’ll enter their name and details as normal. They will then use the (+) and (-) to add the desired number of plus ones. You can also add plus ones when creating entries from the dashboard.

When the group leader’s entry is created with plus ones, multiple entries will be created. For example, if a visitor signs in with nine plus ones, ten entries will appear on your dashboard and ten badges will print.

Benefits of plus one sign-in

  • Speeds up sign-in for large groups like tours.
  • If you have multiple visitor types, you can enable plus one sign-in based on purpose of visit.

Important notes

  • With this feature, you’ll only capture the sign-in details for the group representative, including photo.
  • Only the group representative will sign your NDA. Please consider editing your NDA accordingly.
  • Badges print with the group representative’s name. This way, it’s easy to direct any individual who get separated back to the group.
  • You can sign out/delete the plus ones individually, but if you sign out/delete the group leader it will sign out/delete the full group.

Enabling plus one sign-in

  1. Go to Visitors > Settings > Sign-in flow.
  2. If applicable, select the visitor type you wish to edit.
  3. Select Plus one sign-in from the top navigation.
  4. Find Plus one sign-in in the top navigation bar.
    • To enable, toggle to the “on” position.
    • To disable, toggle to the “off” position.
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