This feature works well for groups that have a representative that can sign in on behalf of the full group (i.e., tours).

How plus one sign-in works

The group leader will tap the “Tap to sign in” button on the iPad, and they’ll enter their name and details as normal. They will then use the (+) and (-) to add the desired number of plus ones. You can also add plus ones when creating entries from the dashboard.

When the group leader’s entry is created with plus-ones, multiple entries will be created. For example, if a visitor signs in with nine-plus ones, ten entries will appear on your dashboard and ten badges will print.

Benefits of plus one sign-in

  • Speeds up sign-in for large groups like tours.
  • If you have multiple visitor types, you can enable plus one sign-in based on the purpose of visit.

Important notes

  • With this feature, you’ll only capture the sign-in details for the group representative, including just one photo.
  • Only the group representative will sign your NDA. Please consider editing your NDA accordingly.
  • Badges print with the group representative’s name. This way, it’s easy to direct any individual who gets separated back to the group.
  • You can sign out/delete the plus ones individually, but if you sign out/delete the group leader it will sign out/delete the full group.

Enabling plus one sign-in

Tip: If you have multiple visitor types you'll configure this setting per visitor type.

  1. Go to Visitors > Settings > Sign-in flow.
  2. If applicable, select the visitor type you wish to edit.
  3. Select Plus one sign-in from the top navigation.
    • To enable, toggle to the “on” position.
    • To disable, toggle to the “off” position.
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