Managing billing

Learn how to access billing details and update them for your account.

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Managing access to billing

Global and Billing Admins have access to account billing details. You can access billing information on the billing page if you have these permissions.

If you’re not a Global or Billing Admin and you believe you need access to the Billing page, please contact your Envoy admin.

View receipts

  1. Navigate to your billing page.

  2. Look under Payments to see a history of all subscription charges. Note: Envoy store receipts will not appear in your billing history.

  3. To download a receipt for any subscription charge, click PDF.

Update credit card on file

  1. Navigate to your billing page.

  2. Locate Payment method.

  3. Click Edit and enter new card information.

Cancel your subscription(s)

Reducing Locations/Licenses for Visitors

Deactivating a location/license does not remove the location from your bill; it solely frees up the license to be used towards a new location. You can contact us to reduce the number of locations on your bill, which will be reflected at the start of the next billing cycle. Please note that Envoy is not obligated to refund or prorate unused locations on a subscription. For more information, please view our cancelation policy.

Do you offer ACH billing?

We offer ACH billing for annual Premium and Enterprise subscriptions. Please review our article on accepted payment forms.

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