How Recognize returning visitors works

As an Envoy administrator, you can enable Recognize returning visitors for your location. When a visitor who has signed in at your location on a previous occasion enters their name on your kiosk, Envoy will “recognize” them.
The kiosk will ask the visitor if the email or phone number on file for that name is their own and not another visitor with the same name. If it’s a match, the kiosk fills in the rest of the visitor’s information automatically. Plus, Envoy checks to see if their NDA and/or photo is on file to save the returning visitor even more time.

Important notes

  • Since Envoy uses an email address or phone number to confirm a visitor’s identity, you must have at least one of these fields in your sign-in flow.

  • If visitors provide different names on subsequent visits, Envoy will not “recognize” them.

  • When Envoy prompts visitors to confirm their email or phone number, visitors will see a masked version of the information.

  • If a visitor signs in and Envoy does not “recognize” them, they’ll simply be prompted to fill in the rest of their sign in fields.

Enabling Recognize returning visitors

  1. Locate Recognize returning visitors

    1. To enable, toggle to the “on” position.

    2. To disable, toggle to the “off” position.

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