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Printer Offline Notification
Printer Offline Notification

An app that automatically sends an SMS and/or email when a location's connected printer goes offline.

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How to enable the app

  1. Navigate to Apps > All Apps.

  2. Search for Offline Printer Notification > Click on it, and click "Install".

  3. Accept the required permissions.

How to set up the app?

  1. Using the dropdown, choose the type of notification to send - email, SMS, or both.

  2. Select members of your employee directory to receive the notifications.

  3. Once you've made your selections, click "Save Configuration".

In this example, employee "Anna Schneider" will be notified via email when a connected printer goes offline.

Please note that only one notification will be sent. Further notifications will be sent only if a printer re-connects, and then disconnects again.

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