How does this integration work?

As visitors sign-in, the Envoy integration will generate a barcode with configurable formats, which will be sent out to the visitor in the pre-registration and/or separate email if the visitor is a walk-in.

The unencrypted barcode value will be stored within the visitor record under "Private Notes".

Enabling the Envoy + Barcode generator integration

Envoy setup instructions:

1. Go to Integrations > All integrations.

2. Under Access control, find Barcode Generator and click “Install”.

3. Authorize API scopes in order to store the barcode credential within the Envoy Visitor record.

4. Select barcode credential type: Choose code 39 or 128 barcode format and select "Next Step".

4. Visitors: In the final step, choose your Envoy Visitor types for which you want the barcodes to be generated. Additionally, choose the "Access Duration" and set to 8 hours, as a default to cover the span of a workday.

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