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Barcode Generator

Automatically generate barcodes for visitors to be utilized by 3rd party systems

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How does this app work?

As visitors sign-in, Envoy will generate a barcode with configurable formats, which will be sent out to the visitor in the pre-registration and/or separate email if the visitor is a walk-in.

The unencrypted barcode value will be stored within the visitor record under "Private Notes".

Enabling the Envoy + Barcode generator application

Envoy set up instructions:

1. Go to Apps > All Apps

2. Search for Barcode Generator and click Install.

3. Click Authorize

4. Select barcode credential type: Choose code 39 or 128 barcode format

5. Select Next Step

Important Note: Be sure to leave the "Print Barcode?" option on this page unchecked as this option will print two badges.

Barcode credential type(code 39 or code 128) should align with your business requirements and the specific demands of your application.

Next Step: Visitors

6. Select Visitor Types

7. Select Access Duration

8. Check the box to Print To Visitor Badge which gives you the option to insert the barcode onto the printer badge

9. Click Complete Setup

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