Automatically measure skin temperature for guests and employees in Envoy

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How does this app work?

As guests and employees sign-in, the Envoy app with Screen-EST will remotely trigger a new skin temperature reading. The state of the reading is returned to Envoy over the internet, which can be a "Pass", "Alarm", or "Misreading".

Reading states are displayed on the guests or employees entry in Envoy. When misreading occur Envoy can automatically attempt rescanning. For best results, it is recommended to align your FLIR cameras such that they will only scan the individual signing-in. FLIR provides more recommendations in this easy to read article.

Enabling Envoy + FLIR

Envoy set up instructions:

  1. Search for FLIR Screen-EST > Click on it > Click Install.

  2. Remote Path: On the first page, enter the internet accessible IP of the machine running FLIR Screen-EST.

    1. If the Screen-EST machine is behind a firewall then the following IPs must be whitelisted in order for Envoy's production servers to establish a connection over the internet.



    2. Configuration: The final step before completing the integration allows you to customize the FLIR Screen-EST integration's configuration.

    3. This includes the following:

      1. Temperature checks for Visitors and Employees through Envoy Health and Safety (formerly named Protect).

      2. The number of retries after a misreading, ranging from no attempt to 5 attempts.

Pass & Fail Results

Results of temperature checks through FLIR Screen-EST will be displayed in the visitor and employee entry.

For "Pass", you will see this status on the right side of the Visitor entry.

For "Fail" (Alarm) You will see this status on the right side of the Visitor entry.


If you receive the error "FLIR Screen-EST remote PC did not respond." then one of the following may have occurred:

  • The FLIR Screen-EST software may not be running.

  • The machine running FLIR Screen-EST may be offline

  • The machine running FLIR Screen-EST is either inaccessible through the internet or the required Envoy IPs have not been whitelisted.

  • Connections over VPN are not supported at this time.

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