Send Word Now provides critical event management solutions that empower companies to respond faster to emergencies and disruptive events.

How does this integration work?

Make sure everyone who’s on-site leaves safely in an emergency by connecting your Send Word Now account to Envoy. Envoy sends the names and contact information of your signed-in visitors to Send Word Now. In the event of an emergency, you can use Send Word Now to mass message any visitors who are on site.

For this integration to work, you must collect email addresses or mobile phone numbers at sign-in. Learn more about configuring sign-in fields.

Note: Prior to installing the integration in Envoy, please configure labels for text/email/phone alerts, as well as any custom fields you may utilize in Send Word Now. It will be critical to reference these fields in the integration configuration.

Enabling the Envoy + Send Word Now integration

Pre-configure in Send Word Now

  1. Go to your Send Word Now label settings. This can be found in Home > Account Settings > Custom Labels.
  2. Create labels for text/email/voice alerts, as well as any custom fields you may want to use.
  3. Optional: Create groups (Home > Manage Groups > Create New) that will dynamically populate with Contacts based on specific fields (such as address, city, name, etc.) Please see example Dynamic Group below:

Enable the integration in Envoy 

  1. Go to Integrations > All integrations.
  2. Under Building Security, find Send Word Now and click "Install".
  3. Enter your Send Word Now username and password, then click "Next step". Please ensure that this user has sufficient permissions to make API requests.

Add contact methods

In this step, you will select which methods SendWordNow will use to contact each of your visitor types.

  1. Select the Visitor Types that will be automatically added as Contacts in Send Word Now.
  2. Select the Contact Methods that should be synced from Envoy to Send Word Now for each Visitor Type.
  3. Click "Next Step" when you are finished configuring the "Contact Methods" step.

Note: The "Phone Number" field in Envoy will be loaded into Send Word Now as the custom labels "Phone" and "Text". You can choose to sync the Envoy "Phone Number" field as a text message field, a phone call field, or both. The visitor "Email" field in Envoy populates the custom label designated for email within Send Word Now.

Text messages will not be successfully sent to visitors who do not provide a mobile phone number in the "Phone Number" field.


  1. Add Location Name (Optional) - This field will sync the Location Name from Envoy. If the Location is left blank it will not be populated. If you list a pre-existing custom label for these fields, please note this field is case-sensitive. 
  2. Add Visitor Type (Optional) - This field will sync the Visitor Type from Envoy. If the field is left blank it will not be populated within Send Word Now. If you list a pre-existing custom label for these fields, please note this field is case-sensitive.
  3. Add Email, Text Message, and Voice Number Custom Label Fields - This is how the Email Address and Phone Numbers will be listed for the Contacts within Send Word Now. If the field is left blank it will be populated with the defaults listed (as long as an email/phone number exists to sync). If you list a pre-existing custom label for these fields, please note this field is case-sensitive. If you list a value that does not currently exist as a custom label, that label will be created.
  4. Click "Complete Setup".

Note: The Address of your Envoy location will automatically sync to Send Word Now. This is the address field you populate in You can find this address within the Contact details in Send Word Now under Primary Location. You can complete the field in Step 1 above (Location Name) if you'd also like to sync the Location Name field listed under to Send Word Now.

Envoy Protect + Send Word Now integration

If your company has Envoy Protect enabled they can edit their existing integration, click on Step 2 and click the checkbox to enable the "Envoy Protect" option. After they do that they go ahead and re-save the integration.

❗️DISCLAIMER: Send Word Now does not have a way via their API to lookup users by email, therefore when enabling Protect, duplicate employee records will be created. The Employee will get "Envoy Flow Type" custom field automatically set with the value "Employee"

How does it work?

  1. The employee has answered the preconfigured questions by the Envoy admins.
  2. They pass screening based on the set of rules
    • (i.e. Have you been in contact with someone feeling ill over the past 14 days?)
  3. The employee will be approved to work onsite
  4. When the employee goes to the office, the employee will need to "check-in" in order for their profile to be created in Send Word Now and then their “Envoy Flow Type” field will automatically be updated to “Employee”
  5. You can use Send Word Now's dynamic groups to map on the custom field with the "Employee" value.
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