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Learn more about how our Genetec Security Center can help simplify your security operations.

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Genetec Security Center is the unified security platform from Genetec that blends IP security systems within a single intuitive interface to simplify your operations. From access control, video surveillance, and automatic license plate recognition to communications, intrusion detection, and analytics, Security Center empowers your organization through enhanced situational awareness, unified command and control, and connectivity to the cloud.


  • A license will be required from Genetec (additional purchase may be necessary).

    • Genetec will need to activate the following product part number: GSC-1SDK-ENVOY-Visitors.

    • We recommend reaching out directly to Genetec for assistance with activating the license.

  • The following IPs must be whitelisted for inbound and outbound communication:




  • The following ports must be whitelisted for inbound and outbound communication:

    • 4590

    • 443 (if you plan to use HTTPS) - HTTPS requires an SSL Cert

  • Validate the port configured within the Genetec WebSDK and confirm the port is whitelisted alongside the IPs above.

  • Create an admin user in GSC with the following limited set of permissions:

    • Create entity User with username "envoy"

      • Choose Privilege template: Operator

      • Once saved, update the following permissions:

        • SDK Log on using the SDK: Allow

        • View Cardholder Properties: Allow (for all operations below)

        • View Door Properties: Allow (view only necessary)

        • Door activities: Allow (REQUIRED for Auto Check-in)

How does this application work?

Envoy will send a record of every visitor who signs in on your kiosk to Genetec as a visitor to automatically create an identity within the Security Desk. You can configure Envoy to apply a certain Cardholder group for your visitor types. You can then use all of Genetec’s features for your visitors, such as badge provisioning, security alerts, and more.

You can utilize Envoy Workplace to automatically sign in employees who badge in with Genetec, making it easy to get live occupancy data.

Enabling Envoy + Genetec

You’ll need to have sufficient permissions on your Genetec account to manage visitors to complete this installation. Either become an administrator or ask your administrator for help before completing these steps.

Step 1: API Access

  1. Search for and click on Genetec Security Center. Select Install.

  2. Two static IPs will automatically load on the page. Be sure to whitelist these two IPs before proceeding with the configuration:




  3. Next enter your on-prem IP and port, or URL under Genetec Web SDK URL.

  4. Under Username and Password type in your Genetec admin login credentials and select Next Step.

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Step 2: Partitions

  1. Follow the instructions for Step 2 only if you are using Genetec SaaS or on-premises partitions. On-prem installations without partitions can skip this step and proceed.

  2. Click Next Step.

Step 3: Employees

Select which method of access you would to use for your employees.

1. Auto check-in with badge swipe


  1. Health check/Registration questions must be disabled. To disable questions, go here, click advanced settings under the Employee reservation flow, and disable the questionnaire.

  2. Auto-sign out must be enabled in Location Settings. If auto-sign out is disabled, then employees will remain signed in to the workplace and will not be signed in the next day with their badge swipes.

This method automatically signs an employee into Envoy when they swipe a badge to enter the workplace.

Exclude Employees from Workplace (Optional): This step allows employees to be excluded from Workplace functionality. Setting on this page will be ignored if Workplace is not enabled.

Badge Event - Target Site: Select the site or sites where you would like badge events to be captured.

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2. Check-in required for access

Employees must check-in to Envoy before they can use their badge.


If using Check-in required for access and toggle user status, Genetec users (employees) must start in a disabled state. They are are not disabled by default. You will need to disable the employee's accounts in order to proceed.

The Toggle User Status option of Restricted Access Method will not work with Genetec environments using SCIM. This because members managed by SCIM are read-only and we can't toggle user status. This option will work, however, when access is managed by groups (toggle access groups in Genetec).

Exclude Employees from Workplace (Optional): This step allows employees to be excluded from Workplace functionality. Setting on this page will be ignored if Workplace is not enabled.

Employee access duration: Choose the length of time that cleared employees will have access before it expires.

Restricted Access Method: Choose whether you would like to toggle user status in Genetec or Toggle access groups.

  • Toggle User Status - Toggle the user profile from disabled to enabled when they check-in to the workplace.

  • Toggle Access groups - User profile remains enabled, but users are granted access by being moved into a certain group or groups when they check-in.

Manage Access Groups: Select the groups that users will be moved into to adopt access permissions.

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Step 4: Visitors

  1. Assign Envoy Visitor type(s) to a predefined Cardholder Group.

    1. This allows certain Envoy visitor types to have pre-defined access to specific doors and or elevators once you assign the visitor a hard badge.

  2. Only invited guests will be synced to Genetec (Optional).

    1. Only sync invited guests into Genetec.

  3. Signing out via Envoy checks out the visitor in Genetec (Optional).

    1. Check out the visitor in Genetec when the guest signs out of Envoy.

  4. Access Duration

    1. Choose the length of time that signed-in visitors will have valid credentials.

  5. Advanced Access (Optional)

    1. If you would like invited visitors to get credentials in advance, please select a time period here.

  6. Select if you would like QR Code Credentials and fill out min and max card number fields

    1. Minimum and Maximum card ranges in addition to Facility Code, are required to issue credentials.

      1. These are card ranges are created and added to the user. The QR code is generated from the card #. The ranges follow the format in Genetec, such as Wiegand 26 bit which gives you a range of 0 to 65,535.

      2. An email will be sent with the QR CODE for access.

    2. Optional check-box for PIN Code Credentials

  7. Click Next Step > Complete Setup to save the configuration.

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Note: Invite records upon creation are added immediately to Genetec with a credential expiry period set to the expected arrival time.

Currently, the Genetec app does not send a Visitor credentials. Visitor information is pushed to Genetec from Envoy, a user record is created in Genetec with the appropriate cardholder group, and then there are two options for handing over badges:

1. There are pre-numbered cards and the Visitor's user record in Genetec is assigned a card number. Then, the card can be handed to the Visitor for access.

2. If there are not pre-numbered cards, a card number will not be automatically assigned to the Visitor. Instead, a blank card on a reader hooked up to Genetec can be scanned which will then capture that card's number and assign it to the visitor's record.

Please contact Genetec for setting up card access if not configured.

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