The DocuSign application enables you to provide each of your visitors with a legal document, waiver, release form, or safety document.

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How does this application work?

Instead of manually sending every visitor your NDA or safety waiver, the Envoy + DocuSign app sends visitors the documents they need to sign when they’re invited or sign in with Envoy. You choose which types of visitors must sign documents and which of your DocuSign templates they’ll need to sign. 

All signatures take place in DocuSign’s dashboard, so you can countersign documents, and find all of your signed documents from visitors in one place.

Note: For this app to work, you must collect visitor email addresses. Learn more about how to configure your Envoy sign-in fields.

Enabling the Envoy + DocuSign app

  1. Navigate to the Envoy App store.

  2. Under File storage, find DocuSign.

  3. Click Install.

  4. Click Connect Account.

  5. Sign in with your DocuSign credentials.

  6. Allow Access to permissions.

  7. Under Account, select the DocuSign account you wish to use from the drop-down menu (if you have more than one).

  8. Click Next Step.

  9. Under Templates, choose your Visitor Type and DocuSign template that should map together.

  10. Check the box to send out the DocuSign template upon pre-registration.

    1. Important Notes: If this box is checked and a visitor is invited or signs in on the Visitors tablet, they will get a separate email from DocuSign to complete that will contain the Name of the person who connected Envoy <> DocuSign.

  11. Click Next Step.

  12. Under Template Roles, select a DocuSign template and type the role name that your visitor will assume. It must match exactly with a signer role that exists in the template.

    1. This is necessary for the visitor to be directed to the correct signature input on the template.

    2. Add another if you have more than one template.

  13. Click Complete setup.

  14. Navigate to Visitors > Settings > Sign-in flow in your Envoy dashboard.

  15. Click Edit next to the flow that you are mapping a Docusign Template to in the above steps.

  16. Click on Sign-in fields and make sure that email is required for the sign out flow.

  17. Click on Documents in the top menu and then toggle off Legal Documents.

  18. Repeat steps 14-17 for any Sign-in flows you have mapped to DocuSign.

  19. Next time a visitor is invited or signs in on the Visitors Kiosk, they will get a separate email from DocuSign to complete.


  • If you do not turn off Legal Documents within your Sign-in flows in your Envoy account, your visitors will be signing the default documents in Envoy and not the documents from DocuSign.

  • Within your sign-in flows it's important that you require email address.

  • The name of the admin who connected Envoy <> DocuSign will be seen in the emails sent to visitors.

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